Boccia WA Official Website

Boccia WA offers the opportunity for people to participate in the great sport of Boccia, particularly for people with some form of neurological and/or neuromuscular impairment causing limitation in activity in all four limbs. Boccia is a Paralympic sport making its debut at the 1984 Paralympic games.

What is the sport of Boccia?

- Exciting, skillful and strategic target sport

- Similar to Lawn Bowls

- Can be played from Recreational to Paralympic level

How is Boccia played?

- It can be played by individuals, pairs or in teams of three

- Players are grouped into classifications based on physical ability

- Aim of the game is to throw leather balls, coloured red or blue, as close as they can to a white target

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- Balls can be propelled with hands, feet or if the competitors needs are high, they can use assistive device such as a ramp

Boccia is a classifiable sport – please see Participation Pathways.